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Rent your outdoor gear to others or rent gear from others. Think Craigslist meeets AirBnB for backpacking and outdoor activities!


Make a comic and send it to your friends, but first it'll get translated to five different languages and back to english!


Make a comic and send it to your friends, but first it'll get translated to five different languages (Klingon included) and back to english! A fun twist on a classic game.

Double Back End

An experiment with Angular, Rails, and Expressjs. Two identical angular front ends deployed statically to Amazon S3. One talks to a Rails API backend, another to an Expressjs API (Node.js) backend. Both backends hook into the same MongoDB. Click the figure above to see how everthing is hooked up.

Gear Trader

A site demonstrating complex associations using Express and MongoDB


A site for creating and playing quizzes


Help Squirrel get back to his home at the top of the tree

Javascipt Filters

A proof of concept project centered around filtering with AJAX calls

API Demo

A proof of concept project centered around API calls

I used to be an engineer. One day I found myself wanting to help my company re-organize their data by implementing a new database system. After some research and advice from a friend, I decided to try to implement a web based database using Ruby on Rails.

I spent all of my free time on nights and weekends learning the basics and going through all sorts of tutorials I finally was able to successfully build the database and deploy it locally on the company's network. Over the next year I realized that my favorite thing I had ever worked on (professionally or academically) was building the database.

A friend told me about Galvanize and said I should check out their 24 week Full Stack program. I decided that the timing was right, so I applied, was accepted, and am graduating from the full stack program in October 2015 at which point I will be trained for Junior to Mid-level full stack jobs using MEAN (MongoDB, Expressjs, Angular, Nginx) and Rails (PosgreSQL, Rails, React, Apache) stacks.

I absolutely love the tech scene and try my best to keep of with the hottest trends, gadgets, and happenings in the tech community. I frequent the Denver Ruby and Node.js meetups, as well as participating in other Galvanize and tech community events.

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