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I'm a web developer and software engineer in the Denver area. I like to consider myself language agnostic, but right now I'm working in Ruby/Rails/PostgreSQL on the back end, React/Redux/Webpack/ES6/Webpack on the front end, and I've recently been getting my hands into React Native apps for iOS and Android. I spent some time working in Scala and started to fall in love with functional programming so many of my hobby projects are starting to dip into Elixir as a result. I love talking about development and tech trends, as well as coffee, craft beer, and all things outdoors in Colorado.

I used to be a mechanical engineer, and one day I found myself wanting to help my company re-organize their data by implementing a new database system. After some research and advice from a friend, I decided to try to implement a web based system using Ruby on Rails.

I spent all of my free time on nights and weekends learning the basics and going through all sorts of tutorials I finally was able to successfully build the system and deploy it locally on the company's network. Over the next year I realized that my favorite thing I had ever worked on (professionally or academically) was building this system.

A friend told me about Galvanize and said I should check out their six month Full Stack program. I decided that the timing was right, so I applied, was accepted, and graduated in October 2015, getting a job at a quickly growing startup in the app advertising industry writing backend Scala code, tons of SQL, and even working a bit on a React/Redux front end.

I'm currently a software developer at Rogue Pod doing consulting work for a variety of businesses working with Ruby on Rails backends serving both React/Redux front ends, as well as React Native mobile applications. If you need a mobile or web solution, please do get in touch, as we are able to help businesses small and large, funded or revenue based build powerful, modern web applications and apps.

I absolutely love the tech scene and try my best to keep of with the hottest trends, gadgets, and happenings in the tech community. I frequent the Denver Ruby and Scala meetups, as well as participating in other Galvanize and tech community events.

If you are looking for someone to chat with in Denver about the local tech scene or the trending tech stacks, hit me up on LinkedIn or Twitter.

My Blog

I've been busy working, so most of my recent work is on private repos. Check out my code at github

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